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You can buy directly from us by calling: 0208 838 3188. We deliver for FREE to any Caterers, Pubs, Restaurants & Clubs. Alternatively, You can try or buy a selection of any of our products every Sunday at Chiswick Market or every Tuesday and Saturday at Salisbury Market

Chiswick Market


Chiswick Market offers fresh wholesome food, including a range of organic products, direct from farmers. We are happy to offer the best olives and sundries from leading mediterranean suppliers.

For directions please use following post code: W4 2RX

Salisbury Market

Tuesday and Saturday

Colourful, noisy, bustling, friendly and full of enticing aromas; from freshly ground coffee and fresh bread to hot doughnuts, roast meat and newly cut flowers to best olives and sundries from Thee Olive Tree

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